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Real Dance:  We Discover   
And Build K-Dance Talents 

About Us

We are a talent management company that discovers and builds K-Dance talents with training programs, events and projects.


Real Dance Services

1. K-Dance Training
  • Training Programs including K-pop Cover Dance Training & Choreography Training of Various Genres
2. Online Service & Production
  • Online Training Class, Live (Personal /Group) Training Class. Digital Content Production
3. Talent Management
  • Regional Dance Crews, Global Talent & Trainer Pool Management
4. Events Projects
  • Random Play Dance, Performance Shows, Competitions, Fan Meetings, Showcases, and Community Events
피트니스 클래스

1. K-Dance Training Programs

In collaboration with local community service organizations, we provide K-Dance training programs to locals of all ages with different goals.

The training includes K-pop cover dance as well as the choreography of various genres.

2. Online Service & Production

Online courses and live training for individuals or groups are available for those who prefer taking training classes online or learn live.

Our professional instructors or dance crews participate in digital content production for those online training classes or events.
온라인 Zumba 레슨
Music Clip Studio Set_ Shooting Hip Hop Video Dance Scene with Three Professionals Dancers

3. Talent Management

Qualified K-Dance talents join our regional Real Dance Crews and participate in various projects and events for local and global fans. 

The fundraising platform enables our crew teams to communicate and receive support from the fans for their performances or event projects.
라이브 공연
  • Performance Shows & Competitions

The performance shows and competitions feature highly talented dancers, choreographers, or cover dance crews performing or competing in a live show format.
  • Audition & Dance Challenge Programs
The audition programs and dance challenges feature young dancers who strive to share their skills and explore growth opportunities
  • Fan Meeting/ Showcase


Our Live Service integrates with Zoom Events and brings secure live service to fans around the globe with the convenience of easy access and great live features
  • Random Play Dance
The random play dance event invites local K-Dance fans and talents to share their cover dance skills and knowledge.  Prizes are given away to outstanding participants.
  • K-Dance Nights
K-Dance Nights is a local party event hosted by Real Dance for registered fans in the region. 
스테이지에서 힙합 댄서

4. Events & Projects

We plan and host events such as performance shows, competitions, auditions, dance challenges, random play dance, community events, and various marketing projects.
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