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The Real Dance Story


Real Dance Group is a K-Dance Talent Management company that discovers global talents and supports them with projects & programs to grow and pursue professional careers as choreographers or entertainers.

We produce training content for people who wants to learn and practice K-Dance as well as performance and event content that the fans can participate in, feel or enjoy the live K-Dance atmosphere.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build the global K-Dance talent community where fans can enjoy quality K-Dance performances, programs, or events, and the young talents can build their professional careers

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Our Value Proposition

We provide fans with quality training or performance content from professional K-Dance artists around the globe.  We also support young talents with various training programs or events while working with regional partners for commercial opportunities for our associate dance crews or choreographers

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Why Partners Work With Us

1. Incorporated in multiple countries: 

  • Currently, our entities are registered in Korea as well as the United States. And we plan to locate in multiple cities and countries to support our customers and partners more closely.

2. Support of Global Payment System

  • We take credit cards and PayPal for online payments when our subscribers purchase membership or tickets for events.

3. Global Programs

  • We work with choreographers, dance crews, and partners around the globe, and offer programs targeted at the global fans.

4. Multi-functional integrated Platform

  • Our platform is seamlessly integrated with various systems and features such as live, donation, commerce, ticketing, etc. 

5. Building K-Dance Global Community

  • We build the global K-Dance community and connect with fans and partners around the globe for mutual benefits and opportunities.  

6. Entertainment Collaboration Network

  • We collaborate with the entertainment industry to explore opportunities for the talents.

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Join Real Dance Crews?

If you are a talented dancer interested in joining our regional crews, please apply.

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